Screen Share Not working in Ubuntu: Fixed

Ubuntu 22.04 has a bug which is we can’t share our screen on any platforms.

The issue with Ubuntu 22.04 is using a display feature called wayland. Wayland is not supporting to screen share by default. In previous ubuntu version we had xorg for display feature.

To solve this what we have to do is

  1. To check which display feature your ubuntu is using, enter the command below in terminal

If the above command outputs, wayland, then your system is using wayland. Which is causing the problem. So we have to disable wayland and enable xorg(x11).

2. To change display settings from wayland to xorg(x11).

Go to file by entering the command below on terminal

sudo nano /etc/gdm3/custom.conf

You can use any of the editors like vim, nano etc…

3. Then, uncomment the line.


4. Save and then restart/reboot your system.

5. After restart, if we open up the terminal and type the command.


We can see the output has changed from wayland to x11.

Now you can share your screen.

Reposted from lizenshakya